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For students in the San Gabriel Valley, summers are an enjoyable time away from school, pursuing career opportunities and reuniting with friends. While away from school, students who use dorm housing (or who change apartments) often need a place to store their belongings. For students in need of storage for summer or winter break, All-American Mini Storage will meet all your needs. With all of the many ways we help students, we’re tough to beat.

Students Need Storage for Transition

During the summer, students often need a convenient place to store their items while away from school. If you’re a student, and your home is a long distance from your school, it often makes sense to find a storage unit for the summer, mainly if you have a large number of items. Unless you can make one convenient trip with a car, you may find that a storage unit is a way to go.

Saving Money on your Move

For a student attempting to return home for the summer: You may need a rental truck, plus the human resources necessary to load and unload it, plus the space to put all of your items. And you’ll need that truck twice because you’ll have to bring it all back again in the fall. When you add up the cost of these transitions, you often find that you’re better off renting a storage unit.

All-American Mini Storage has units as small as 5’x5’ starting as low as $50/month. That may sound small, but a 5’x5’ space can house a lot of items, including a refrigerator, a twin or double bed, a desk, a dresser, plus boxes, clothing, bedding, and more. That’s a lot more than you can fit in one carload. If that’s too tight a fit for you, there are 5’x7’ units that start at $70/month. If you have fewer items and space left over, you can share your unit with a friend, and split the cost.

All-American Storage saves you money when you rent space with us. We provide a truck at no cost to help you move your items into our facility. We can also help you with your move! During the beginning and end of each term, we offer our truck and driver free of charge, provided you give us adequate notice. For qualified applicants, we give you one month rent-free. We provide online payment services and auto-pay if you are not local to the area. Most importantly, we offer a significant student discount for our services; bring your student ID when you come to our office.

All-American Mini Storage Makes Security a Priority

There are plenty of reasons why All-American Mini-Storage has endured in the Storage Community of Claremont for over 30 years. Over this time, we have worked hard to establish our reputation by providing superior customer service and excellent value. Security is not something that naturally happens when you install a locked gate. We have remained proactive in our trade and thereby have helped countless patrons protect their belongings.

All-American Mini Storage provides constant lighting throughout the night, making it easy for our customers to navigate our facility, while also enabling our staff to keep it secure. Light is critical for our 24-hour video surveillance system, which captures all activity on the property. Every event and visitor is recorded and stored, so it is easy to access later if we need it.

During business hours, we only allow access to our property through our locked front gate. This gate only permits entry through our personalized gate code program, which assigns a different code to each party renting one of our units. During this time our on-site manager keeps tabs on all activity, relying on staff to patrol the property and help out our patrons. We are open every day, from 6 AM to 10 PM.

After hours, the gate remains locked, and our video surveillance system continues to monitor the facility. Our on-site manager has access to all of these feeds and responds to any emergent concerns. We do this to minimize the possibility of trespass and provide you with the highest possible assurance of protection for your belongings.

All-American Mini Storage – A Student’s Best Option

Located at 711 S Mills Ave in Claremont, CA, 91711, All-American Mini Storage is immediately north of the 10 Freeway, and central to the San Gabriel Valley. From our location, access to any other place in the Southland is easy. With many reasons for choosing us, we have become a standard in the Southland for providing secure storage with exemplary customer service and value.

We invite students to come by our location in Claremont during business hours and check out our facility. You will quickly realize why so many students choose us for their storage needs. All-American Mini Storage offers the best services around for the dollar, and we enjoy continued praise on social media. Call us at 909-621-7867 today!


Our Self Storage Units will:

  • Help you stay organized.
  • Free up space so you can live your life.
  • Provide an affordable solution to renting or buying more room.

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What Customers Are Saying

Will A.
Burbank, CA

I’ve been renting with American Mini Storage off and on since 2010. In all that time, I’ve never had an issue with the quality of service or the pricing. The manager, Vickim has been nothing but helpful and understanding for more than half a decade, and today, a fine gentleman by the name of Nick helped me out when I had problem, with my unit, and he did it all with a genuine smile. These are good people, plain and smile and I’m grateful for all the work these folks put into their facility