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All-American Mini Storage is the ideal place to turn to for your self-storage and packing needs. We offer a wide variety of units with different sizes and forms of access, making it easy to meet your needs. Offering low rates, incredible facilities, and dedicated staff, we know that we are the best self-storage company for you to turn.

The Area Leader in Self-Storage

Many people in the Claremont area need more storage than their residences and places of business offer. Homeowners accumulate more items than they can store, businesses need additional space for products, those in retirement communities downsize their living space but not their possessions, and college students need solutions for the summer months when they need to vacate the dorms. All-American Mini Storage addresses the needs of all these clients and more.

We provide the extra space needed, making it easy to live clutter-free without selling or giving away your essential items. Since 1987, we have been the company to turn for those in Claremont, Upland, Montclair, Ontario, La Verne, San Dimas, Rancho Cucamonga, Alta Loma, and Pomona.

Get the Exact Amount of Storage You Need

When it comes to storage needs, one size does not fit all. Some clients may need substantial storage units while others may only need the smallest square footage available. There are also other needs that go beyond the unit itself, such as security features, ease of access, and quality of the environment. At All-American Mini Storage, we make it easy for you to customize the service you receive while getting all the benefits that will make working with us convenient and secure.

Residential Storage Services

We cater our residential storage services to renters and homeowners who do not have quite as much space as they need but are not looking to part with their possessions. Our smallest units are five feet by five feet while our largest is ten feet by thirty feet, allowing you to rent precisely the space you need, and nothing extra. The majority of these units have access inside our storage buildings, which gives them an added layer of security. However, we offer some drive-up options as well, which can be more convenient.

Commercial Storage Services

Many businesses do not have enough storage for all of their inventory. Large companies may have excess or seasonal inventory that they need to keep off-site. Small, home-based businesses may need to keep all stock off-site except during specific moments, such as a sales party, concert, or fair. If you are a business owner who needs extra storage, All-American Mini Storage is happy to help. We can rent you multiple units with our side-by-side configuration for ease of access. Should your inventory grow, we can always upgrade your unit to the next size.

Student Storage Services

An underserved self-storage user demographic is college students since we tend to think of dorm-room living as something that is pretty sparse. However, not every college student lives on campus, and even those who do have storage needs. For example, who wants to truck everything home at the end of the school year only to bring it back for the fall semester? And what about those colleges that demand rooms be emptied out over winter break? Then there are other concerns, like storage for clothing, items that are too big for the dorm, like surfboards, and even valuables that aren’t as safe in a dorm room as they are in a storage unit.

Security and Access

All-American Mini Storage takes the security of your storage unit seriously. Our electronic gate system allows access only to those who rent in the facility while also making it easy for customers to access their. We also have security guards who patrol the area, including at night. We know that when you choose us, you do so expecting us to make every effort keep your possessions safe, and this is a duty we take seriously.

What You Cannot Store with Us

While we strive to make our service as convenient as possible for you, there are some items we cannot allow you to store. These restrictions are due to local and federal laws, the safety of our guests, and the maintenance of our facility. The following items are not allowed in your storage unit:

  • Live animals
  • Plants
  • Firearms
  • Munitions
  • Gunpowder
  • Explosives
  • Food
  • Other perishable items
  • Hazardous waste
  • Toxic items
  • Corrosive items
  • Odorous items
  • Gasoline
  • Propane
  • Oil
  • Grease
  • Paint
  • Stolen Goods
  • Cash
  • Unregistered vehicles
  • Boats
  • RVs

Items You Can Store with Us

Aside from the items we have banned, you can store pretty much anything with us. Business items, seasonal decorations, old clothing, sporting equipment, camping gear, household goods, and more are all commonly stored at our facility. If you are ever concerned about a specific item, just ask.

If you are storing high-value items with us, we recommend that you obtain independent insurance policy to protect them. NOTE: please contact your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance company first to check your coverage.

Incredible Benefits

There are many self-storage facilities in the area, which means you have plenty of alternatives to consider. So with so many options, why should you choose us? In addition to the services we offer, our low rates, and our excellent security, we believe the following benefits help set us apart from the rest.

  • We can recommend you the right size unit for your storage needs.
  • Safe property and clean units to store your belongings.
  • No long term contract-Month to month leases
  • No deposit needed
  • Price match in move in online published promotions from other storage company
  • Affordable prices and student’s promotions available
  • Drive up, ground floor and second floor storage units
  • Commercial lift elevators and push platform carts available
  • Convenient Access hours 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • Electronic Gate Access from 6am to 10pm
  • Experienced team to help you with your rental process
  • A wide selection of packing supplies

All-American Mini Storage Is Here for You

If your residence or business is in Claremont, California or the surrounding cities, including Upland, Montclair, Ontario, La Verne, San Dimas, Rancho Cucamonga, Alta Loma, or Pomona, turn to All-American Mini Storage for your storage needs. We offer safe and secure storage for your items at a price you can afford. To learn more about our services, specials, and discounts, stop by our facility or give us a call. We have over 650 units to service you.


Our Self Storage Units will:

  • Help you stay organized.
  • Free up space so you can live your life.
  • Provide an affordable solution to renting or buying more room.

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What Customers Are Saying

Will A.
Burbank, CA

I’ve been renting with American Mini Storage off and on since 2010. In all that time, I’ve never had an issue with the quality of service or the pricing. The manager, Vickim has been nothing but helpful and understanding for more than half a decade, and today, a fine gentleman by the name of Nick helped me out when I had problem, with my unit, and he did it all with a genuine smile. These are good people, plain and smile and I’m grateful for all the work these folks put into their facility