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For seniors, moving does not always happen by choice, but sometimes out of necessity. As the cost of living continues to rise, seniors can sometimes find themselves outliving their retirement savings, and unable to meet their financial obligations. One of the more painful choices to make is leaving one’s home. Downsizing is typical, and often the only way to stay afloat.

All-American Mini Storage understands the issues that come with downsizing all too well. Over our 30 years of operation, we have helped countless seniors find assistance with retaining their possessions as they transition into a housing arrangement that meets their needs. In many cases, seniors must move into assisted living facilities, a decision which forces them to choose between selling their assets, giving them away, or putting them into a secure storage facility.

The Challenge of Downsizing

Seniors who relocate to a smaller home have painful choices to make. They desire a new home that is affordable, close to family and friends and has neighbors that won’t drive them crazy. That’s a tall order for someone who is leaving behind a home that has given them decades of enjoyment and support. Those who can land on their feet after such a transition are lucky.

It’s wise for the senior to find a home for his or her possessions. The good news is: A storage unit can hold a significant amount of stuff for a fraction of the cost of maintaining a home or renting one. The challenge for seniors is in knowing what to hang onto, and what to let go.

Planning a Move

The other challenges associated with completing a move are not nearly as severe as parting with something of great sentimental value. A senior will need to find a crew, a truck, and choose a storage unit of appropriate size. They will also have to find homes for the items they don’t wish to store. However, at the end of this process, seniors will be able to enjoy peace of mind, knowing that they still have access to all of the items they hold dear.

There are counselors whose careers surround helping seniors downsize, and there is a ton of wisdom out there for seniors faced with that task. If you are considering downsizing, set goals for yourself, and get the help you need. Know the value of the things you have, and take excellent care of the most valuable items. Don’t trust your possessions to those who will not be responsible, or who don’t know their value. A good friend or counselor will help you identify those items that you can part with; you can give them to a friend or family member, sell them, or donate them.

Assisted Living

Assisted Living facilities have their own rules for seniors regarding how much and what kind of items they are allowed to bring when moving in. For many seniors, they might not want to bring in specific valuable things, even if they are permitted. It’s important to get a solid grasp of what things you can and cannot bring with you. You to make sure that each item ends up exactly where you need it.

All-American Mini Storage Helps Seniors with Transition

For 30 years, All-American Mini Storage has worked side-by-side with seniors facing difficult transitions. During that time, we have discovered how critical customer service is during such an operation; many seniors need help identifying the size of the unit required to store all of their possessions, and a measure of reassurance that they are making a wise decision and that their property will be secure. We take the time to ensure that each senior feels great about where and how their belongings are stored and protected.

Top-Notch Security

All-American Storage doesn’t play games when it comes to protecting your belongings. We utilize a video surveillance system to watch over the entire property, 24 hours a day. Our system records all activity continuously, and our on-site manager monitors these feeds, remaining available after hours to handle any new concerns. The property remains well-lit at night to ensure that all activity is visible.

Also at night, our gate stays locked, as does each of our buildings. During the day, access to the property is only possible through the main entrance, and each renter has his or her access code. Access codes are an important security measure that enables us to understand precisely who is on our property, and why. Our staff is available to help from 6 AM to 10 PM, and we provide boxes, packaging, and locks at reasonable rates to help you organize and secure your unit.

All-American Mini Storage Saves You Money with Discounts!

All-American Mini Storage offers senior discounts! This discount is very important if you are renting a unit over an extended period! As time passes, if you can unload some items and can switch to a smaller unit, we can help you by recommending one of an appropriate size. This guidance is helpful for seniors who are proactive about downsizing, and able to move some of their possessions off-site.

We do not charge for reservations, and we do not require a deposit. We do, however, offer auto-pay as an option, to make sure that your bank is debited on the same day each month. We also have paperless invoicing and online payment options available for your convenience. We also provide complimentary use of our truck when you move in.

Seniors can Rely on All-American Mini Storage

You can find us at 711 S Mills Ave in Claremont, CA, 91711, directly north of the 10 Freeway. We are convenient to all parts of the Southland, west, east, or south. As you have read, we offer many excellent benefits to our senior customers and have built our reputation on providing superior customer service for those transitioning to a new stage of life. We know it’s not easy, and we’re here to lighten the load.

Come on down to our location in Claremont during business hours so we can take you on a free tour of our storage facility, and let us show you the many reasons why seniors choose All-American Mini Storage over our competition. We offer excellent value and service for the dollar, and our renters speak highly of us on social media. Contact us today at 909-621-7867 to find a secure place for your belongings.


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What Customers Are Saying

Will A.
Burbank, CA

I’ve been renting with American Mini Storage off and on since 2010. In all that time, I’ve never had an issue with the quality of service or the pricing. The manager, Vickim has been nothing but helpful and understanding for more than half a decade, and today, a fine gentleman by the name of Nick helped me out when I had problem, with my unit, and he did it all with a genuine smile. These are good people, plain and smile and I’m grateful for all the work these folks put into their facility