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The American Military boasts around 1.4 million active duty personnel who reside at bases around the world and another 850,000 reserves who live at home and remain at the ready. All of these people need to be prepared to move at any time as their branch experiences changes in demand for personnel. When soldiers prepare to ship out, they need a reliable storage facility to make sure their belongings will remain safe while they are away. All-American Mini Storage is proud to meet the needs of our military, particularly when they are called to serve our country.

U.S. Soldiers have Specific Needs

Our military men and women sometimes get called away without warning. When this happens, they need a storage facility that understands their situation and can help them address problems unique to military personnel. Here are some of the specific challenges posed by military service for soldiers who wish to relocate, and how we address those challenges with our services.

Limited Budget

Soldiers get some things paid for them while they serve, but rent is not one of them. Trying to maintain a home while away is no small task. A soldier must reduce costs before shipping out, and does not want the headache of paying for a location that he or she doesn’t need. A storage container has no utility costs and charges less rent to store the same items than your home or apartment. At All-American Storage, we require no deposit, and most importantly, we offer discounts to our friends who serve in the military.


In many cases, military personnel need their container on short notice. Once they know they need to move out of their present domicile, they want a place that is convenient to where they live, and to where they may go next. In many cases, they won’t know where they’ll want to live when they return. They merely need to get their things into storage quickly.

All-American Mini Storage provides a moving truck for free to help you move into your new storage unit. We take reservations at no charge and are open seven days a week from 6 AM to 10 PM. Our on-site manager will assign you a personalized gate code so that you can move in at your convenience. We also sell boxes, packaging supplies, and locks in our office at a reasonable price so that you can store your items in a safe and organized manner.

Once you are all moved in, All-American Mini Storage gives you several options for payment of your rental while you are away. We offer auto-pay so that your rental is maintained whether you have time to think about it or not. We also offer online payment so that you can pay your bill from anywhere.

Top-Tier Security

When it comes to protecting your valuables, we take extra care to ensure that nothing goes unnoticed. Our video surveillance system has eyes on every corner of our property and records all activity, 24-7. Our facility also provides continuous lighting throughout the night to make everything visible. We also lock the facility down after hours (including the gate and each building) for extra protection. With personalized gate code access, we always know who is entering and leaving our premises. And our manager lives on-site, keeping watch over the entire property.

Returning Home

When a soldier returns home from a military operation, the last thing they need is stress. At All-American Mini Storage, we understand that soldiers pay a hefty price to protect our nation. We want to make sure that they feel like we have their backs as well. When it comes time to move out, we will take care of you. Premium customer service remains one of our core values, and we will stop at nothing to make sure that you have a smooth and efficient transition. You deserve it.


All-American Mini Storage is located at 711 S Mills Ave in Claremont, CA, 91711. Finding us is easy: Simply take the 10 Freeway to the Indian Hill Blvd exit, and turn north, making your first right onto San Jose Avenue. When you reach Mills Avenue, we’re on the right.

Our location is perfect for those in transition; our central location enables our renters to hop on the freeway and go virtually anywhere. After your tour, if you plan to stay local, we are happy to continue serving your needs. If you have a long journey ahead, then we’re ready to help you make it.

The Best Choice for the U.S. Military is All-American Mini Storage

For our esteemed members of the United States Military, only the best service will do. We make every effort to provide you with the kind of attention that enables you to take action with peace of mind and sleep well at night. High-quality security and auto-pay allow you to focus on your work. Ideally, you will be delighted with your experience, and want to tell your fellow soldiers about our services.

Please pay us a visit at our Claremont location between 6 AM and 8 PM so we can give you a quick tour of our facility. Let us show you why All-American Mini Storage is the best option for military members and an excellent value for the dollar. Our customers praise us on social media for our exemplary customer service. Call us at 909-621-7867 so we can get you started!


Our Self Storage Units will:

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What Customers Are Saying

Will A.
Burbank, CA

I’ve been renting with American Mini Storage off and on since 2010. In all that time, I’ve never had an issue with the quality of service or the pricing. The manager, Vickim has been nothing but helpful and understanding for more than half a decade, and today, a fine gentleman by the name of Nick helped me out when I had problem, with my unit, and he did it all with a genuine smile. These are good people, plain and smile and I’m grateful for all the work these folks put into their facility