Commercial Self Storage

For those of us who own a business, rent becomes a significant expense. As you grow and use up your space, you realize that you either must expand the size of your place or move to a bigger venue. As rent is proportional to square footage, this is often a challenge and a big reason why people have trouble growing. At All-American Mini Storage, we provide storage options for growing businesses that have significant space needs.

Space – The Essential Need for a Growing Business

Perhaps you have never considered a storage unit as an option for helping you expand your business. At All-American Mini Storage, we have helped countless business owners during our 30+ years to discover the benefits of additional storage. Some of those benefits include :

Lower Rental Costs

The cost of our smallest unit (5’x5’) is $50/month, and our largest (10’x30’) is only $279. When you compare that to the cost associated with renting space in most commercial properties, our units are often a bargain. Many businesses have items that they don’t need to access on a daily basis, and they can store them at our secure facility.

Zero Utility Costs

When you expand your space to accommodate more stuff, you end up housing those items in a place that requires heating, AC, electricity, etc. When you store those items in our storage container, you only pay a rental charge. At All-American Mini Storage, we offer a free month to those who qualify, and a free truck to help you move in. With us, you save in more ways than one.

Shorter Leases and Greater Flexibility

Any time you choose a commercial property to rent, the owners will typically try to lock you into an extended contract. If your business is growing, this can be problematic if you need more room because there’s no more space available to lease or you can’t afford to expand yet. In that case, you may benefit from coming to All-American Mini Storage, where our leases are month-to-month. This enables you to ride out your current contract, break it, or extend it.

Such flexibility is vital for planning your growth. If you desire a move, and you have identified an ideal location, a storage unit can help you relocate promptly. If your next venue isn’t ready for a specific date, then you can make sure your items are locked inside a secure facility until you can move them.

It also bears mention that if you need more storage capacity after you have already rented space with us, upgrading your unit is no big deal. Securing a larger unit for your items is as easy as signing a new contract, and moving the things from one unit to another.

Our facility is open from 6 AM to 10 PM, seven days a week, and our on-site manager will help you find the best spot for your needs.

Many Businesses Need Extra Storage

Many businesses come to All-American Mini Storage every year looking for extra space. Some of these businesses seek to save money; others are positioning themselves for growth. All of them get our no-nonsense approach to customer service and the best deal in the Southland. Here are a few different kinds of businesses that rely on us for extra storage :

Retail Businesses

Many retail businesses need extra space. Merchandise, promotional materials, tools, and equipment are just a few things that owners and managers may need to store. Also, many retailers are not able to upgrade to a larger facility if they outgrow their space. A storage unit enables operators to manage their inventory and retail space more efficiently.


Accountants are required to store their files in a secure location. Those that choose All-American Mini Storage can lock their files inside their unit, with 24-hour video surveillance, behind a combination-locked gate. With a little organization, the unit can save these professionals a lot of time and money.


Realtors require a location for storing signage, promotional materials, and other items. Without a storage unit, they must either keep these items in their offices, their garages, or the trunks of their cars. All-American Mini Storage provides a secure central location for these items, keeping them clean and in good repair.

Rental Businesses

If you own a business that rents equipment, you can quickly run out of space. Whether you provide equipment for lawn care, building maintenance, construction, or even tables and chairs for meetings or parties, you may need to store secondary inventory for moments when the items at your location are all spoken for.

Construction Businesses

Construction equipment varies widely in its usage and application. To get the most out of it, you need the most practical items at your business location. However, you will have to retrieve some of the more uncommon things from time to time for specialized tasks. You also may want to house a cache of crucial supplies, like concrete, lumber, or nails.

All-American Mini Storage – the best in Commercial Storage Space

For over 30 years, All-American Mini-Storage has provided countless commercial businesses in Claremont and surrounding areas with quality storage units. We have built a solid reputation among companies, and are a member of the Claremont Chamber of Commerce. Our customers are pleased with our service, and with their access to abundant, secure storage space.

At night, our lighting illuminates the entire property, thus ensuring visibility 24 hours a day. Our manager also remains on the property at night. We rely on a video surveillance system to capture and record all activity on the property. We offer discounts for students, seniors, and our esteemed members of the military. With free reservations and even a free move-in truck, we make it very easy to get your items into one of our units. We also can help move students. We do not require a deposit. We do, however, provide auto-pay services, online payment options, and paperless invoicing.

Seven days a week, from 6 A.M. to 10 P.M., we allow access to our gate, with our personalized gate code program. Each customer has their code, which adds an extra level of security to the facility. Our on-site manager remains in the office during business hours to answer questions and respond to concerns. We also can sell you items like packing materials, boxes, and locks at a reasonable cost.

All-American Mini Storage is located at 711 S Mills Ave in Claremont, CA, 91711. Directly north of the 10 Freeway, we are convenient to all parts of the Southland, west or east. We offer many benefits to our customers, and thus we have forged a reputation of providing excellent customer service and storage space at reasonable prices.

If you come by our location in Claremont during business hours, we can provide you with a complimentary tour and help you discover the many reasons why business owners choose All-American Mini Storage over our competition. We offer the best service around for the dollar and enjoy a robust presence on social media. Contact us at 909-621-7867 today!


Our Self Storage Units will:

  • Help you stay organized.
  • Free up space so you can live your life.
  • Provide an affordable solution to renting or buying more room.

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What Customers Are Saying

Will A.
Burbank, CA

I’ve been renting with American Mini Storage off and on since 2010. In all that time, I’ve never had an issue with the quality of service or the pricing. The manager, Vickim has been nothing but helpful and understanding for more than half a decade, and today, a fine gentleman by the name of Nick helped me out when I had problem, with my unit, and he did it all with a genuine smile. These are good people, plain and smile and I’m grateful for all the work these folks put into their facility